When you order my door, how long until you install it?

All garage doors are made to measure. There is no standard garage door size. Doors generally take between 2-5 weeks from the order date. *Timber finish doors take longer, 5 weeks minimum.

When you replace my existing garage door with a new one, will you dispose of the old door?

If you would like us too, we will do so at no extra cost to you.

I want to replace an existing door with a new door, but I would like you to install the old door elsewhere on my property. Can you do this?

Providing the old door is still functional, we can relocate the door, on your property, at an additional cost.

Why do I need to have my garage door serviced?

Anything with moving points requires servicing at some point. Garage door manufacturers recommend that you have your garage door serviced 12 months after installation. During the first 12 months of use, garage doors lose tension within the spring mechanism. After this initial service, it is then recommended that doors are serviced every 18-24 months. Servicing your door not only maximises the life of your door but also your garage door motor as the motor will not be required to work as hard if the door it working efficiently. This is a small investment in the life of your garage door.

Do I need to be home when the garage door is fitted?

Providing we can access the garage, no you do not need to be home. If you are also having a motor fitted we will also need access to a power supply. If you are not going to be home at the time of installation, you will need to sign an invoice of work to be completed, prior to commencement of installation.

I want a garage door, but my driveway isn’t level. Will there be a gap on one side of the door between the bottom of the door and the driveway?

No. Because the doors are made to measure we can order the door with a tapered bottom, ensuring that the bottom of the door meets the driveway all the way across, thus improving your garage security.</p>

Can you install a new motor on an old door?

Generally yes. Providing the door is in good working order and there is sufficient side room.

We have been given a garage door. Will you install it even though we haven’t purchased it from you?


Can I buy extra remotes?

Yes. We stock a large range of remotes both genuine and after-market.

If I need a door installed prior to Christmas when do I need to order it?

The B&D factory shuts down at Christmas and doesn’t start manufacturing doors again until mid-January. Doors must be ordered a minimum of 6 weeks prior to Christmas.